maxGEO Messtechnik GmbH offers services in the field of geotechnical measurements, data management and data visualisation. Our customers are construction companies, consultancies or public clients who require geotechnical monitoring during construction activities. Apart form that we produce innovative and precise prisms for survey applications and are distribution partner of Topcon and GeoSLAM for monitoring and tunnel apllications.

Services & Support


Geotechnical monitoring is an important part of infrastructure projects. From the investigation phase collecting geological and hydrogeological data, throughout the construction phase collecting relevant information and monitoring data from site and the operational phase to use the data for maintenance.

maxGEO comes in there and offers with experienced personnel efficient service delivery to customer satisfaction. 

Topcon Delta Monitoring

maxGEO is using TOPCON´s Delta Link Monitoring Solutions to provide reliable and high quality geodetic real time monitoring - Robotic Total Stations. We are the point of contact for Topcon's Delta solution in Austria. No matter if you are looking for a rental solution or if you want to buy a Topcon Delta solution.

GeoSLAM Tunnel

We are a proud GeoSLAM Distribution partner with focus on the use for 3D data collection of underground structures and tunnel applications.

With GeoSLAM´s go-anywhere 3D technology you can have safe and easy access to underground structures and operate with minimum interference with the tunnel excavation works.

As a result, tunnels can be faster and better constructed,, while being safer and considerably more cost efficient.